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Number of the Beast 666

Almost everything ordainly Divine, the beastly mind of man has created a counterfeit of it. This was done both out of ignorance and rebellion. The Beastly-mindset speaks revolt and disobedience to the Divine Law and the Will. Either way, the beastly mindset of man is antichrist. 

However, we can identify counterfeits by certain numbers and signs that has been revealed to us. In the case of antichrist, which simply means an individual or a doctrine or a system who are anti or goes against the Christ Principles.  The Christ Principles is not a man but divine concepts, precepts and principles that were given to mankind as a pattern for their life  in order to become  a Christ to be restored back to gods. 

The definition of 'Christ' comes from the Greek 'Cristos' simply means 'an anointed one'.  Because of false teachings and interpretations the Christ-man, Yahshua' name was changed to Jesus and Christ was attached. Therefore, many believes the Messiahs name is Jesus Christ.  Yet, there are many Christs. Truth be told, there are many Jesus according to for instance the Spanish language.  The Christian Bible says that Yahshua was the "Firstborn among many brothers".  This means that there are many Christs or many who are capable of reaching Christhood. 

This is a fresh new revelatory concept to many and I can understand the rejection, particularly for those steeped in tradition. Again the Christian Bible says "You are gods" and Jesus asked the question, "Doesn't it say in your Scriptures that you are gods?" This is the prophetic interpretive aspects of the Greek Bible even though most of it was mistranslated when being transferred from the Septuagint.  The Prophetic is always  the higher way. The Prophetic is the "Testimony of a Christ".  One cannot walk in the prophetic as a man and touch Spirit.  They must walk in the spirit as a Christman or with the mind of a Christ.

The antichrist is not a person who will rise to power and literally do those things spoken of in the Bible and those fairytale things often spoken of by dooms-day end of the world bible thumpers, believe. If anything, they are the antichrist or just excitable religious story tellers.  

If the books of the Prophets were written in symbolism and prophetic prose they must be revealed in the same manner. 

Those who are adherents to the Beast and the beastly System these are they who are antichrist. Those who are antichrist are opponents of Truth, they reject Divine Law and they represents the image of the beast and the name of the beast.   The have been identified by the  numbers six (6), sixty-six (66), and six hundred and sixty six (666).

The number 6 (six) represents the number of a man. The numbers 66 (sixty-six) represents the negative influences and thoughts within the fleshly and beastly mind of the unregenerate man. The numbers 666 (six-hundred-sixty-six) represents the negative influence within the mind of this fleshly beastly-minded, unregenerate man as rulers or false-gods.  

These insubordinate autocratic, egotistical rulers or those who have self-claimed authority; those who have ‘taken the Kingdom by force’, who have usurped the power and authority of the King of Kings for the false kings, and earthly powers, viz. the worlds false churchy religious System.

Simply stated, antichrist is anything or anyone who goes against, thinks negatively or lives contrary to Truth, Divine Order, Divine Authority, Divine Hierarchy, and the  Laws of Life. Antichrist is the beastly unregenerate selfish and self-willed mind in man. Antichrist is the beastly mindset that denies or opposes the idea of the Christman as the true self in each individual. The antichrist-man and mind is that 'old man of sin'! That unrenewed carnal mind in
 all who opposes and misrepresents Truth!

I say again, one either have the Mind of a Christ or antichrist! If one does not think with their Christ Mind they are thinking with an unregenerate beastly mindset, which is antichrist!

There are three aspects of the nature of antichrist made known to us. There is the number, the mark, and the name. Much is said about the number of antichrist, six hundred and sixty six (666). Most erroneously, teach that the mark is the number. How far from the truth to believe that there are not three distinct aspects of antichrist. However, if these enemies of Truth can get people to believe that they must only be concerned with a literal mark, which is the same as the number, image and name, then one can easily be deceived into receiving the mark of the name or the number or image of the name. 

The number has been revealed in Scriptures and the Bible. We have been warned to be aware of the number but also we must be cognizant of the mark and the name and image of this beast. 

One might think, if antichrist is anyone or anything that goes against the Christ Principles why then are there three aspects?

“The Beast” is and will continue to deceive many. “And he caused all, both small and great, rich and poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand, or on their foreheads: and he provides that no one should be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast: for it is that of a man; and his number is six hundred sixty six”.

Who is that 'beastly man'?  Who is in a better position to deceive all, other than the false teachers, false pastors, false evangelist, false prophets and false apostles? 

Look at today's church! Is it really that difficult to figure out? We have already identified The Beast, the Image of the Beast, and the Name of the Beast in those corresponding titles of messages. The questions are what will the reader do with this information?

We hear much about not being able to buy or sell without the mark, name, or number of the beast during a prophetic time of 3 1/2 years. The entire prophetic week or the seven-year period,  known as the Great Tribulation. 

Many think there is going to be literal and physical events of a catastrophic nature where the church will not endure these great tribulations and will be removed.  Where will they go if there is going to be a New Heaven and a New Earth?  Why leave?  I tell you that the Great Tribulation is NOW upon us!

Many pre-tribers think that the Church will be raptured before the Great Tribulation. However, this mind-set will keep one from the REALIZATION that they are living in their last days and in their Great Tribulation Period! Therefore, instead of preparing to 'OVERCOME', and live life as a Heavenly Citizen now, they accept the trappings setup by the Beastly Religious System while waiting to be raptured.

One cannot overcome that of which they do not know of! This belief of a so-called rapture will ultimately keep one from entering the Kingdom NOW as one look to and for a faraway Kingdom! This will keep one from accepting Christ Principles to receive their Heavenly inheritance while residing here on earth RIGHT NOW!

Rapture is defined as joy, delight, elation, ecstasy, exhilaration, jubilation, and exultation. The word rapture does not appear in the Bible and is a word inappropriately used by those of a beastly mind-set to gain control over the people.  A rapture describes how righteous people will be taken up or removed physically from this earth to a heavenly place. Rapture is a word that describes a bodily change from mortality to immortality upon meeting Jesus in the air.

I really hate to burst anyone’s bubble but this Rapture Theory is an apocalyptic imagery of counterfeits and falsehoods to the revelation and reality of what has actually been said by the Prophets and what has been preordained to happen!

Therefore, many people have already accepted the mark, the name, and the number of the beast.

Many live with the unregenerate beastly mindset, thinking that they are living a life pleasing to and in obedience to that of a Christ. They steadly proclaim, "What Would Jesus Do?" "Jesus is the reason for the season"; and other infamous quotes. 

This settling acceptance is due to the erroneous prophetic misinterpretation of Revelation and the false teachings perpetuated by those in authority, whose intellect and thoughts are antichrist! These have become acclimated to dwelling in the lower flows of a beastly mindset. Therefore, they will never obtain the 'fulfillment' of the Promise of an abundant life because of the inability of their spirit to become ONE with the Spirit of Truth.
I am more than willing to say that NO ONE will be raptured in the way the ‘Rapture Theory’ has been popularly depicted. I stake my life on it!

One of the most popular false suppositions and erroneous hypothesis theorized and used to depict the rapture is taken from the Gospels. “I tell you on that night there will be two men in one bed; one will be taken the other left, there will be two women grinding in the same place, one will be taken the other left; two men will be in the field one will be taken and the other left.” The disciples said to Him, “Where Lord?” Listen and hear the answer that was given to them: “Where the body is, there also will the vultures be gathered.”

If there are dead bodies or unburied corpses, certainly vultures will be there feasting on dead rotting flesh. Now, we can take this literally as we have seen in some African Countries with war as the photo shows. I am not denying this possibility occurring as a part of the Great Tribulation. Or we can see the prophetic, metaphorical and theoretical Revelation of it!

Many of the people who claim to serve the Father are spiritually dead. They are feasting from the rotted and regurgitated table set up by those with the beastly mindset. Their only purpose is to “pour out the blood of the Saints and Prophets”; Make void the Law while blaspheming the Name; causing all the Nations (peoples all over the world) to drink of the wine of the passions of immorality, whose names are not written in the book of life before the foundations of the World!

The people are tutorially being hoodwinked and led into and kept in that vast Valley of Death, by these hirelings or vultures who serve as leaders of the people. These hirelings, pimps, and false leaders who dwell in and promote the religious System of the counterfeit Woman (church) that dwells in Babylonian idolaters and adulteries teaches the people to be disobedient to the Laws of Life! 

They are taught to reject renewal and regeneration from the mind of antichrist to that of a Christ! They keep the people in ignorance dwelling in the sense realm as they reject the Mysteries of the Revelation given to the True Apostles and Prophets. They are dead to the Will, Way and Character denying Christhood while coming against those Elected. They are babbling in the elementary basics thinking that they have arrived, yet rejecting the more perfect way of the Christman--the Christ Principles!  They have placed out of reach that of which would transliterate them into Divine Union with the Creator as I AM!

Catch the vision.
Hotep, Light & Love
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